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Breathing right...

Dum spiro spero" goes the saying...

In other words, "as long as I live I hope". In fact he says "as long as I breathe I hope".

But why is the concept of breathing identified with that of life?

Because quite simply, without breathing there is no survival.

One of the most basic - perhaps the most basic - functions of our body is breathing.

Starting the journey called "improving our health and fitness" in general, we usually focus on 3 elements:

  1. Exercise. It comes as no surprise as without it no physical adaptations can occur.

  2. Nutrition. Mostly thought of as daily calorie intake. In other words what goes in and what is used.

It is very important and particularly beneficial especially if we are careful and manage to avoid:

§ bad cooking practices (eg frying)

§ overly processed foods

§ agrochemicals (pesticides) by eating organic food as much as possible

3.Hydration. Aka sufficient liquid intake, basically water on a daily basis. Equally important is the replenishing of liquids after and / or during exercise.

Beyond the above elements, however, how often do we emphasize breathing?

If we consider that:

· without food we can survive for 5-7 days,

· without water 2-3 days,

· without breathing 3-5 minutes at best

Then it is clearly seen that breathing is the most important and immediate of all basic needs.

It is no coincidence that the first vital sign we look for when providing first aid on an unconscious victim is breathing.

So how can breathing not play a primary role when one is on a health and fitness program?

Is it a coincidence that there are many methods of practicing and improving breathing for mainly therapeutic purposes but also for enhancing vitality and performance?

Such methods evolved in different parts of the planet from east to west and from millennia ago to recent decades and always had in common their basic elements related to the function and control of the breath.

Breathing has as its main mission to transport the inhaled oxygen to the tissues via blood circulation. Also through the same pathway (circulatory and respiratory system) it eliminates the carbon dioxide produced in the process. In other words, I'm not breathing - I'm not getting oxygen.

By practicing breathing correctly we can significantly improve our health, while on the other hand, by breathing incorrectly or insufficiently we burden both our health and our psychological state.

Some of the benefits we can get by breathing correctly are:

· Physical and mental relaxation

· Better concentration

· Activation/alertness of our body when we need it

· Internal organs "massage"

· Proper functioning of the hormonal system

· Improve endurance

· Strengthening the immune system

If we invest a little time to the cultivation of a correct breathing regime, we will only reap benefits.

As a Sport 4all Project, we consider breathing exercises as highly important.

Thus we provide "breathing and health" and "exercise with proper breathing" programs.

Contact us for more information.

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